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Vietnam Polygrace Furniture Co.,Ltd

Zibo Dahuanjiu Polygrace Tannery Co.,Ltd. Zibo Polygrace Furniture Co., Ltd. Zibo Baoen Leather Products Co., Ltd. Zibo Jellice Baoen Biotechnology Co.,Ltd. Shenzhen Polygrace Leather Goods Co.,Ltd. Vietnam Polygrace Furniture Co.,Ltd
Company introduction

Vietnam Polygrace Furniture Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zibo Polygrace Group and beginning in 2018 in Shenzhen,the company's products are mainly medium and high quality home office、leather and fabric upholstered seating etc.Our products are exported to European and American markets with beautiful quality, classic design, comfortable seat,we obtain a good degree of recognition and good reputation in the market.we are always focused to satisfy the ever-changing needs of customers and offer the very best furniture for their homes,offices etc.To make your life easier.


Our strengths

The original living, breathing dermis
The leather used by Polygrace sofa is provided by the parent company of BONLIVING group, all of which are imported from Italy, America and Australia. Smooth and elastic leather, soft and
Unique technology
The leather products produced by the company have been processed through more than 70 processes, which endowing baen leather with plump and soft hand feeling and solemn and elegant unique style
Highly reductive tanning technique
Leather is made of natural protein fiber tightly woven in three dimensional space, and its surface has a special grain layer, which has natural grain lines and luster, and feels comfortable

Company products