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INTO Polygrace
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In 1954, Huantai leather handicraft association was established, which mainly produces whiplash, head gear, etc.


In 1963, public private partnership, renamed "Huantai Xian leather society".


In 1974, It was renamed "Huantai County Tannery" in 1974 and has been used until the end of 1980s.


In 1985, Zhang Shanlong was appointed director of the tannery, which became a milestone in the development of Polygrace.


In 1988, Huantai County leather factory was merged with Zibo shoes and clothing factory to establish Huantai County leather factory.


In 1989, the tanneries began to undergo large-scale technological transformation, and established a cooperative relationship with Japan's largest labor safety protection products company, taking the first step to expand the international market, and the two sides have cooperated friendly ever since.


In 1993, the enterprise was restructured to form Dongfang leather group. Since then, we have embarked on the road of technical cooperation and diversified product development at home and abroad.


In1994, Zibo dahuanjiu garment company was established.


In 1998, the company led the transformation of its products from vamp leather to the production of high-grade furniture and garment leather.


In 2000, Zibo Dahuanjiu Polygrace Tannery Co.,Ltd. was established in 2000, which started a new era in the company's development history. Formally reached cooperation intention with American leather furniture company


In 2000, We started to explore the furniture market in North America and the world. We have been cooperating with each other since then.


In 2002, the Great Hall of the people's seats are all transformed with Polygrace furniture leather products.


In 2002, Polygrace furniture, Gelatin Company and Shenzhen Polygrace furniture have been established one after another, and the company has ushered in a new era of diversified product development.


In 2003, mayor of ckory, North Carolina, presented the "City Golden Key" of friendship and trust to Polygrace group, and awarded the title of "the best honorary citizen" to the leaders of the company.


In 2005, the company established "academician workstation of Polygrace", which was the first case in China at that time. So far, two academicians of leather industry have cooperated with the company.


In 2007, Polygrace (Vietnam) Leather Co., Ltd. was completed and put into operation. The company's high-grade leather furniture leather products are rated as "provincial high-tech product title".


In 2008, Shandong Qijia Furniture Co., Ltd. was established, and the group initially established its own brand road.


In 2009, Zibo Polygrace Biqiao Automobile Fittings Co., Ltd. was established.


In 2011, On April 23, in recognition of the contribution of Bowen to the leather and leather products industry, the mayor of hickory, North Carolina, announced that the day was "Bowen leather miracle day".


In 2011, On May 28, the group's brand business committee was established and issued the "5.28 declaration", which indicates that the company is moving towards internationalization, normalization and professionalization.


In 2012, In March 2012, bonliving brand was officially launched.


In 2012, Once again, all the sofa seats in the conference hall of the Standing Committee of the people's Congress of the Great Hall of the people have been rebuilt with Polygrace products.


In 2013 July, in the random inspection of furniture products conducted by Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, bonliving products were the only products rated as class A.


In 2013, The group was awarded the title of "national industrial informatization deep integration demonstration enterprise" by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China.


In 2013, April, the 60th anniversary of Bowen.


In 2015, On March 15, Polygrace won the honor of "honest enterprise" in the furniture industry of 18 provinces and cities in 2015.


In 2016, Polygrace won the title of China's "design innovation" advanced unit. Polygrace insists on innovation and makes "design" the "driving force" of products.


In 2016, On December 29, Polygrace, an outstanding contributor of China's furniture industry. Improve the effective supply capacity and level of furniture products, and promote the healthy development of furniture industry.


In 2017, On March 15, Polygrace won the title of "environmental protection" furniture famous brand in China's ten provinces and cities in 2017.